$ 2,100 $ 2,500
If you're looking for a horse that will love you just as much as you love them, Peanut is the horse for you. This beautiful 16-year-old mare stands at 15 hands tall and is easy to catch, saddle and bridle. She's also got a temperament that's second to none and is dog gentle to boot! Peanut is an excellent choice for beginner riders thanks to her calm demeanor and smooth trot and lope. She's not at all spooky and is great on trails, making her perfect for riders looking to build up their confidence. While she needs a little TLC in the form of a few extra meals, we've got her on a healthy diet and have wormed her to take care of her overall health. So, if you're looking for a horse that will be your best friend for life, look no further than Peanut!
No horse will be held without a deposit on them. its nonrefundable, but its transferable to another horse of your choice. If  you  would like to put a depsit on the horse of your dreams, please call the ranch at 936-222-8221