$ 1,350
DALE IS BACK WITH NO FAULT OF HIS OWN!!!  Meet our beloved Dale, the 18-year-old sorrel gelding that is sure to capture your heart with his affection. Standing tall and proud at 14.3 hands, Dale commands attention with his stature and charm. His love for children is one of his best qualities making him a safe companion for your little ones. Dale’s training shines through in his well-mannered demeanor. He perfectly neck reins stops, backs effortlessly, offering a ride that combines safety and control. Dale's loping tendency can be activated when required, but he’s more of a chill walker. He runs so smoothly, you won't feel a single bump! With no vices and ease to ride, Dale is all set to offer many more years of dedication and companionship. The only thing he longs for is the love he genuinely deserves.
No horse will be held without a nonrefundable deposit on 300.00. Don't worry you will not loose your deposit, you can apply it to another horse of your choice. The deposit will only hold the horse for 7 days. Please call 936-222-8221 if you would like to apply a deposit!