Terms & Conditions


  • There is no money refund with NO exceptions.
  • The Deposit only holds the Equine for 7 days and there will be a boarding charge of $8.50 per day.
  • The Buyer must pay the horse in full after evaluation of said horse. If  the Equine is not paid in full the animal will return to A Ranch Horse and all monies will be forfeited. If Buyer paid in full the Buyer will receive 5 days free board from Contract date. ​No Exceptions​.
  • If Deposit is applied before inspection of Equine, and Purchaser declines animal you will have 90 days to apply deposit to another Equine of their choice. Receipt for deposit must be in hand.​ No Exceptions.
  • A Ranch Horse warrant to have a clear title of said Equine, A Ranch Horse acts only as an agent for said equine that are on consignment.
  • A Ranch Horse is NOT responsible for any hidden/unknown illness, defects, age or incorrect coggins test on said Equine. ​No Money Refunds.
  • A Ranch Horse is NOT responsible if buyer purchases said Equine without evaluating prior to purchase.​ No exchange. No Money Refunds.
  • The Buyer is responsibility for all transport to/from A Ranch Horse. ​A Ranch Horse will NOT pay any transportation cost​. A Ranch Horse can transport said Equine in the amount of $2.00 per loaded mile.
  • The Buyer has 3 days from the date of contract to notify A Ranch Horse for exchange of Equine. If the price is lowered or if the horse is a rescue, the 3 day exchange is null and voided. Buyer is responsible for all vet cost, vet checks, health etc. A Ranch Horse charges $75.00 to transport said Equine to a Veterinarian in Crockett Texas.
  • This Agreement represent the entire agreement between the parties. No other Agreement of Promises, verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated in the written agreement. This agreement is made and entered into the State of Texas and shall be enforced and interpreted under the laws of this state. Should any clause be in conflict with the State Law, the individual clause shall be null and void.
  • 3% Charge for all credit cards