$ 2,950
 Finn, the dependable and reliable gelding perfect for riders of all levels. This thick and sturdy boy has accompanied his owners on countless trail rides, making him an expert in navigating through various terrains. Finn has also proven himself in herding cows and inspecting fence lines. He is a gentle giant, making him the ideal horse for younger or inexperienced riders. With Finn, you can confidently explore wooded areas and effortlessly conquer fallen trees and logs. His trot is smooth and comfortable, although some coaxing might be needed to transition into a lope. This affectionate horse craves love and attention, making him an absolute pleasure to pamper. Rest assured, Finn gets along well with both mares and geldings, ensuring a harmonious environment. Additionally, he excels in loading and unloading, making transportation a breeze. So why wait? Indulge in the loyal companionship of Finn and embark on countless adventures together.
No horse will be held without a non refundable deposit. Dont worry if this horse isn't the one you like, you can always appy your deposit to another horse of your choice. Please call to apply a deposit 936-222-8221