$ 2,950 $ 3,500
Introducing Porcha, an exquisite 12-year-old mare standing at an impressive height of 15.1 hands. This magnificent equine possesses not only breathtaking beauty but also exceptional riding capabilities that are sure to captivate any equestrian enthusiast. Porsche is the perfect companion for riders of all ages, offering a safe and enjoyable experience, even for beginners..
Porcha's impeccable manners during mounting and dismounting ensure a seamless transition for riders, allowing for a comfortable and effortless experience. Her trot is characterized by a graceful and fluid motion, showcasing her elegance and poise. Furthermore, her lope exudes a sense of sophistication and grace that is truly remarkable.
One of Porcha's most notable attributes is her unparalleled ability to halt instantaneously with remarkable precision. This remarkable skill ensures the utmost safety and control for riders, providing a sense of confidence and trust in their equine partner.
What sets Porcha apart is her remarkable responsiveness and willingness to cooperate with her rider's commands. With a simple neck rein, effortlessly guiding her using only a rope around her neck, Porcha showcases her exceptional training and intelligence. This level of cooperation and responsiveness makes her an ideal choice for riders seeking a harmonious partnership with their horse.
Rest assured, Porcha is 100 percent sound. We take pride in maintaining the well-being of our horses and welcome any veterinary checks at our esteemed facility to further assure her excellent condition.To secure ownership of Porsche, a nonrefundable deposit of $300.00 is required. This deposit serves as a guarantee and will be applied towards the purchase of another horse should you choose to do so. It is important to note that the deposit will only hold Porsche for a period of 7 days. To proceed with the deposit application, we kindly request you to contact us at 936-222-8221.
Experience the elegance, beauty, and exceptional riding capabilities of Porcha, and embark on a journey of equestrian excellence like no other.