$ 2,950
Raven, our stunning Mo. Fox-Trotter, known for her smooth ride that will make you feel like you're on a flying carpet. Standing at approximately 15.1 hands tall, she boasts a striking black coat. 2. Raven's riding ability is truly remarkable, as she effortlessly maintains her gait without faltering. While she is best suited for advanced beginners familiar with gaited horses, her forward movement may be intimidating for inexperienced riders. 3. With an impressive whoa that stops on a dime and a calm demeanor, Raven doesn't easily get spooked during rides. If you're seeking a fun and smooth riding experience, we invite you to come and meet Raven. Prepare to fall in love with this exceptional horse.
To insure Raven is your horse, you might want to  aply a deposit on her. The deposit is non refundabal, but it's transferable to another horse of your choice.